Helping People. Changing Lives.


The mission of Community Action is to foster and advocate for self-sufficiency among low-income people in Skagit County.

Imagine the uncertainty of not knowing how to  provide your family their next meal, the limitations of not being able to read a job application, the despondence associated with losing your home, or the fear of having a sick child and no health insurance to enable you to see a doctor…..these are the faces of Skagit County Community Action Agency.  Every year, Community Action provides the tools to over 36,000 people to move beyond crisis and onto the pathways of self-sufficiency. 

Community Action focuses roughly two-thirds of its resources on goal oriented interventions, as opposed to one-time help.  Essentially, while we do assist those in need with motel or food vouchers, or help with paying a power bill, our true mission is to connect with families over an extended period of time - working to offer educational and goal-setting opportunities to help individuals and families achieve major life changes. 

Now in our 30th year of service and with over 35 anti-poverty programs, we see ourselves as a key contributor to the vitality of Skagit County. Because we provide a large array of diverse services, Community Action takes pride in saying that no other local social service organization provides the magnitude of anti-poverty services that we do!  Our agency has six areas of focus: (1) Crisis Intervention, (2) Housing and Shelter, (3) Food Access and Nutrition, (4) Health Care Access, (5) Education, Literacy, and Job Skills, and (6) Volunteerism.



During this economic time, more and more Skagit County residents are, for the first time in their lives, finding themselves in need of a hand up. The number of people served per year by Community Action served increased 30% between 2007 and 2009 (from 27,767 to 36,215). We are often the “first stop” for many individuals seeking assistance, providing crucial services for those struggling for stability in the face of job loss, homelessness or hunger.

Our Community Resource Center (CRC) offers personalized case management, regular and defined hours for people who need access to local resources and a hand to help them define their own barriers and guide them to resources to help them move toward stability. The CRC will also provide clear and simple referral information (in English and Spanish), online and in written form, a kiosk for self-service, a computer linked to the internet to help determine DSHS eligibility, a phone available for client use, as well as caring, knowledgeable staff.



Many of our programs are funded through individual, local, state, and federal dollars, but as these funding sources are facing budget cuts, the vitality of the programs we offer is needed now more than ever. Community Action has several ways you can help. 

  1. Become a monthly donor. Your monthly donation will assure that people who need help during these struggling times will receive the help they need. In addition, did you know your savings could be generating a donation to Community Action? Click here to learn more about Peoples Bank Community Connections CD.

  2. Become a volunteer. We can help you find a volunteer opportunity that best meets your schedule and interests.
  3. Become a corporate sponsor. Community Action provides your business with a variety of opportunities to be positively identified as a supporter of this agency.

  4. Join Community Action and Applebee's for our monthly fundraising event to benefit Community Action Food Access programs. Bring this flyer in on the 1st Thursday of each month to Applebee's and they will donate 15% of your total bill to Community Action! Lunch dinner, and Carside-to-go orders.

  5. Help build our Mountain of Hope for our Critical Needs program. "Everyone has a penny to give..." says Pastor Rand O’Donnell who is on a mission to collect 100 million pennies to provide an on-going "river" of funding to help those in need. He has a dream to collect 100 million pennies to put into a trust and use its interest to help those in need. The Mountain of Hope symbolizes our community’s collective efforts to build a mountain of pennies. The interest will provide a sustainable "river" of support to those who need it most.


  1.  3rd Annual Bite of Skagit: July 30th, 2011 in downtown Mount Vernon.  

  2.  Ending Childhood Hunger Summit: August 16, 2011 at the Skagit Food Distribution Center.

  3. Project Homeless Connect: September 8, 2011 at Skagit Valley College.

  4. 3rd Annual Have a Heart Run: May 12, 2012 at Edgewater Park in Mount Vernon.

For more information, contact us at sccaa@skagitcap.org