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Community Jobs, Job Connection and Career Development

The Community Action WorkFirst Community Jobs, Job Connection and Career Development programs provide transitional community-based employment and training opportunities for participants in DSHS’s WorkFirst program. By linking participants to public and private employers, participants gain increased self-confidence, marketable work skills and increased options to unsubsidized employment.

Individuals in the Community Jobs (CJ) Program participate in a paid internship for up to six (6) months at a worksite where they gain valuable work experience and are able to access support services and training opportunities.  Participants work on barrier management and can also participate in education or training, community service, life skills classes and/or job readiness activities.  Participation in the CJ program qualifies participating individuals for the advanced Earned Income Tax Credit.

Individuals in the Job Connection (JC) program participate in a paid internship for up to three (3) months at a worksite, paired with targeted job hunting activities and mentoring opportunities.  Job Connection provides participants with opportunities to build references, develop networking connections, and demonstrate their work skills directly through employment by performing jobs within their chosen field.

Individuals in the Career Development (WE) program participate in an unpaid work activity that supports their engagement in an education pathway.  Participants will be enrolled in their work activity for up to 12 months to coincide with their education plan.

Staff at Community Action have established collaborative relationships with many local employers, offering WorkFirst participants a wide variety of positions and worksites.

**Please note: All WorkFirst Parents must be receiving a TANF grant and they must be referred to us by their DSHS case manager.  Others who inquire about an employment program here at Community Action are referred to WorkSource (2005 E. College Way, Mount Vernon).