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Community Voice Mail

Free 24-Hour Voice Mail

Phone service is not a luxury – it’s a lifeline.  Imagine losing a job, having no place to stay, losing phone service, and having no place to receive messages.  That means no number to put on job applications.  No call backs from employers or landlords.  It means falling deeper in to crisis.  Hundreds of people in Skagit County face this problem every day.

That’s why Community Voice Mail (CVM for short) provides a free, private 24-hour voice mail number to low-income people trying to get back on their feet.  There’s no worry that a person will be “disconnected”- the number is available as long as a person needs it.  And with the help of CVM service providers, the person is connected with the other resources they need to succeed.

Broadcast Messaging

With the help of dedicated case managers, CVM users are connected with employment opportunities by having local job listings sent to their voice mail.  They also have access to a 24-hour job resource hotline, updated at least once weekly.

CVM users are also connected with scholarships, financial aid, food assistance, housing assistance, and a variety of other resources.  CVM users are often the first to hear about opportunities to better their lives.

Click here for a look at 2009 Community Voice Mail program update.

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How You Can Help

For $25 you can provide FIVE families with free voice mail for three months. For $50 you can provide TEN families with free service for up to three months. With one simple donation, you may be connecting someone with many resources at once - and making them feel human again.  Click here to make a donation online (send to donation form):