Harvest for Hope

Who are we? 
Harvest for Hope is a new program of Skagit County Community Action Agency, created to support our fight against hunger in Skagit County. Harvest for Hope is a gleaning program with the goal of increasing the supply of nutritious, fresh produce to Skagit County food banks and hot meal programs through gleaning from local farms and gardens. This program of Skagit County Community Action Agency was created in collaboration with Rotary First Harvest, a group which has already established several successful gleaning programs throughout Washington State.  

What is gleaning? 
Gleaning is an ancient practice dating back thousands of years. The practice of gleaning consists of collecting crops from a farmer’s field that were missed during a commercial harvest, or harvesting crops that are not economically viable for a farmer to harvest. Gleaning can also include the sorting and collecting of food from “cull bins”. These bins contain food that physically does not meet market standards (to small, to big, not the right color) but which is still perfectly edible. Many ancient cultures promoted gleaning as a way of supporting those in need in their communities, and it is a practice which still continues to this day. 

Why is gleaning important? 
In Skagit County today, about one out of every four residents depends on food banks and hot meal programs for food assistance. Often, our local food banks do not have enough fresh produce. Gleaning can help support food banks by increasing their access to much needed fresh fruits and vegetables. Donations of gleaned produce provide healthier and more nutritious food to food banks users, which greatly increases the quality of their diet.  

How you can get involved.          
Farmers & Gardeners                  
The agricultural community is the most critical piece of a successful gleaning program in Skagit County. It is through your food donations and support that Harvest for Hope is able to succeed. Farmers and gardeners can get involved in several ways. 

1. Contact Us!
If you are interested in donating food for gleaning next harvest season contact us.  We can provide you with information about Harvest for Hope, talk with you about the program, and keep you updated on its progress. Also, please fill out the Growers Contact Information Form below and mail or email it to us so we can keep in contact with you.
2. Donate Your Food!
Next harvest season if you have produce available for gleaning let us know. Every donation makes a difference in your community.
3. Spread the Word!
The more community members involved in Harvest for Hope the more opportunities we will have next harvest season to provide fresh food to hungry families in Skagit County. Email or call us if you would like informational flyers and pamphlets on our program.           

If you enjoy spending time outdoors, like working with plants, or simply want to have a direct, meaningful way to contribute to your community, volunteering with Harvest for Hope is the service opportunity for you! You can get involved with gleaning directly by harvesting at our gleaning events; gleaning depends greatly on volunteers willing to donate time harvesting food. There are also other ways to get involved with Harvest for Hope, which include volunteer recruitment, harvest training, etc. If any of these opportunities sound like the right fit for you, contact us so we can give you more information on how to get started. Also, please fill out the volunteer contact information form & survey below and mail or email it to us so we can keep in contact with you.  

How to contact us 

Email:             gleaning@skagitcap.org
Phone:           360-416-7585 ex 1189
Cell:                360-367-1655
Fax:                60-416-7599
Address:        Skagit County Community Action Agency                        
                        330 Pacific Place
                        Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Handouts and Forms            


Contact Information Form & Survey                        
The Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act
Informational Pamphlet      


Contact information form & Survey                       
Gleaning emergency contact & waiver
Gleaning checklist
Gleaning Code of Conduct
Gleaning Tips
Informational Pamphlet