Local Statistics

Community Demographics

These data can be found at the 2000 U.S. Census Bureau website at www.factfinder.census.gov

116,011 Population of Skagit County (2009)

Number of residents by racial origin (using HUD categories):

91,314 White (11,536 Hispanic or Latino)

770 Black or African American

2,109 Asian

2,826 American Indian/Alaskan Native

300 Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
       American Indian/Alaskan Native/White

8,271 Other

3,761 Number of female head of households

17,468 Number of elderly persons

10.7% Unemployment rate of local government for the most current year

State Legislative District: 40th, 10th, 37th

Congressional District: 2nd

Census Tract Number: 9522

Census Block Number: 1016