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2009 Low-Income Needs Assessment

The “Low-Income Needs Assessment”, conducted every four years, is the foundation of planning efforts for Community Action and other public and private, nonprofit service providers and government entities in Skagit County. The 2009 study came at a pivotal time, given the current economic turbulent times, and provides valuable updated data around employment, housing, health, and other key issues.  

The 53-question survey used for this study was revised considerably from previous assessments to draw out critical information from families in our community. Input was gathered from 656 households throughout Skagit County at 36 locations frequented by low-income people, as well by several home-bound individuals served by outreach programs.

New queries included: revised health section to draw critical information for efforts of the newly formed “Skagit County Alliance for Healthcare Access”, expanded employment & income section (addresses self-employment trends & barriers to employment). Demographic queries were also broadened to capture language and family composition not previously detailed, and queries were also expanded that establish the incidence of finance problems (home foreclosure, payday loans, etc).

Greg Winter, of Cornerstone Strategies, who holds a master’s degree in Resource Economics from Michigan State University, conducted the research and reporting, his third assessment for our community.

The Executive Summary functions as a stand-alone document, and provides a bird’s eye view of the needs of low-income service provider clients in Skagit County. Either report may be viewed, and duplicated as desired.

View the 2009 LINA Executive Summary in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format (324 KB)

View the 2009 Full LINA Document in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format (879 KB)

View the 2009 LINA Survey document in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format (175 KB)

We hope that you will find the results of this study profitable in your endeavors to obtain information about low-income families in Skagit County. Please contact Community Action if you have any further needs. Specialized reports utilizing this data may be obtained through Cornerstone Strategies.

We wish to thank the following contributors that, along with Skagit County Community Action Agency, made this report possible:

United Way of Skagit County

Puget Sound Energy

Economic Development Association of Skagit County Skagit Valley Hospital  
Group Health Cooperative Skagit Community Foundation
Island Hospital Northwest Workforce Council  
United General Hospital

Skagit County