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Maternity Support Services

Maternity Support Services (MSS) provides nursing, counseling, and nutrition services to pregnant women and infants through pregnancy and up to two months postpartum.  MSS promotes healthy births and positive parenting, contributing to significant savings of tax dollars.  Each year, MSS serves nearly 800 families.

MSS services are available for pregnant and parenting families on First Steps Medical Coupons. 

MSS services include:

Nursing:  In-home visits by a Registered Nurse who provides health information about pregnancy, such as:
  • how the baby grows inside the womb
  • warning signs during pregnancy
  • how to prepare for the baby's birth
  • how to care for self and baby after birth
  • breastfeeding information and support
  • community resources and how to use them
Nutrition:  A nutrition assessment and education by a Registered Dietitian, including:
  • good dietary practices during pregnancy
  • breastfeeding education and assistance
  • nutritional needs after delivery
Psychological Assessment and Counseling:  Access to a counselor to:
  • learn how stress affects them and their ability to parent
  • learn ways to cope with difficult situations in family/personal life
Infant Case Management:  Families who demonstrate higher needs, such as teens or families with substance abuse issues, also qualify for case management services.  Case Management staff will assist the family to identify needs, establish goals, and learn how to access available resources to meet those goals.  These services are available from two months postpartum until baby turns one year of age.

Other Benefits of Maternity Support Services:
  • childbirth education
  • child care during pregnancy for medical appointments, provider-ordered bedrest, or during labor and delivery
  • transportation to and from all medical coupon-covered services