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Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster and advocate for self-sufficiency among low-income people in Skagit County.

Community Action will:
  • Optimize agency capacity to respond to customers' needs by accessing all available resources and establishing collaborative community partnerships;
  • Optimize family development through empowerment of families in their efforts to overcome existing social and economic barriers;
  • Optimize a sense of community for families and the community by sharing responsibility, cooperatively solving problems, recognizing social, cultural, and economic diversity.

Our vision for Skagit County is a respectful community where everyone has the opportunity and support to be safe, healthy, and successful.


Core Values



When countering the effects of poverty in our community, we will strive to lead the way with honesty, impartiality, and the spirit of cooperation.



All those seeking our help will be welcomed warmly, with special care for the feelings of vulnerability often arising within those facing poverty.  



We will take time to listen, reserve judgment and seek to understand the perspective of every person we encounter.



We will treat our community partners, our volunteers, fellow staff, and those we serve with courtesy and deference.



We will show through our actions that each person has extraordinary human potential, and is worthy of pride and self-respect.  

Empowerment In serving our community, we will strive to restore dreams while lending strength, opportunity, self-determination and a sense of hope.


Our staff, volunteers, and Board of Directors will meet the challenge of eliminating poverty with spirit, energy, joy, courage and dedication.