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Media Production and Outreach

Statement of Purpose 

To creat visual productions that embrace diversity, promote bilingualism, and educate viewers so that through understanding and information, people are motivated and enabled to be pro-active and responsible community members.




Local Focus

We focus on producing bilingual (English and Spanish) video pieces that educate the community and highlight national issues on a local level.  To accomplish this, we work with a wide variety of people and organizations within our community.  The content we create (including hour long specials, 30 min shows, 10 minute instructional videos, and public service announcements) can be showed over and over again on television, used for in-house training, uploaded to YouTube, etc.


 If your agency or business is looking for ways to reach out to our local community, we can help.  Check out our informational packet or contact Candy at candyg@mountvernonwa.gov or 360-419-3233 for details.


Event Coverage

We also film important events and lectures in the community for a small fee.

Canal 26 

“Canal 26” (aka TV26) is Skagit County’s only local-access Spanish language educational television station. The program is funded by a neighborhood partnership that includes Skagit County Community Action, the City of Mount Vernon, Skagit Valley Hospital, and the Mount Vernon School District.   You can also become a part of this outreach program by making a tax-deductable donation in support of TV26. Please DONATE NOW.


Canal 26 can be viewed on Comcast Cable channel 26 in the Mount Vernon viewing area.  Please view our schedule for show times. The schedule is updated once a week.


Community Message Board

An integral part of Canal 26 programming is a Spanish language community message board featuring information about local services and upcoming community events.  If your agency or group has an informative event that is open to the public and you would like to advertise in Spanish, please submit a request form.


We are constantly looking for volunteers who are dedicated to reaching out to the Spanish-speaking community through translation services and film. If you are interested in volunteering, please submit a TV volunteer application form.